My Project

My volunteer service is taking place in the framework of a governmental programm called “weltwärts” with my sending organisations being  BDKJ Bamberg and Missionskreis Ayopaya e.V..

“The development volunteer service weltwärts was founded in 2008 by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Since then, more than 25,000 volunteers have been sent from Germany and dedicated themselves to development projects.” (, 06.09.17)

In total, four volunteers will be sent to Bolivia, two of which are going to Cochabamba with me (that’s Johanna Lieberth and Rahel Hildebrand). The third is going to Independencia, where she is joined by Sofia Löfflmann for the first couuple of months.) We girls in Cochabamba will be staying with an elderly gentleman called Don Rogildo, where we will be able to do our own cooking and will even have the luxury of having not only Wifi but – and that’s even better – a proper washing machine at our disposal (honestly, I’m really really grateful for that last point. Thank you, Don Rogildo!).

Cochabamba is a city in central Bolivia, in a valley with the same name, in the Andes mountain range. It is the capital of the Cochabamba Department and is the fourth largest city in Bolivia, with a population of 630,587 according to the 2012 Bolivian census. Its name is from a compound of the Quechua words qucha, meaning “lake”, and pampa, “open plain”. (, 06.09.17)


Area: 348km²

Elevation: 2548m

At the moment it looks like we will be working on two projects. One of them is a project called  “Piñami Chico”,which offers its young participants homework support as well as the opportunity to have lunch there, among other things. It is managed by Hermano José Luis Muñoz, who will also be the person responsible for us volunteers throughout the year.

Unlike our predecessors, we will additionally be working for the project “Uspha-Uspha”, which is managed by a group of nuns and focusses mostly on the education of women. However, it also offers homework support, so this is presumably going to be our area of resonsibility. Our contact person in this project is Hermana María Luísa Tovar.

Both projects are named after the urban district in which they are located and whose population they are trying to reach. For us, this means one thing above all: Lots of travelling back and forth between the two places! How exactly we’re going to manage this and what our work is going to be in particular will turn out in the coming weeks, which means I’ll then be able to give you a more detailled description.